The 7 Deadly Sins of Facebook Advertising

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    If you’re a business on Facebook, it’s no secret that you’ve got to advertise.
    As engaging as your content can be, crossing your fingers and hoping for it to go ‘viral’ organically is a blind gamble. So much info and content is churned out on a daily basis, it’s every brand’s priority to break out, shine through on News Feed and reach audiences – creatively, efficiently and strategically.
    Here are the 7 types of Facebook ads and the 7 common sins/misconceptions businesses often face:
    Page Like Ads
    Sin #1: “‘Likes’ Are The Be All and End All” – It’s easy to make ‘Likes’ the best determinant of success. They’re the first thing people see when they hop onto a page. ‘Like’ advertising increase referrals to the page, making it convenient for users to spot and ‘Like’  the page through a click of a button – in turn, this increases a company’s social standing accessibly. However, bear in mind that ‘Likes’ may get your foot through the door, but it takes more to get audiences to stay. Focus on your engagement rate and holding a strong, identifiable tone that gets them responding!
    Page Post Engagements
    Sin #2: “Only to Thine Product Posts Be True” – Don’t fall into the trap of being stagnant. Develop new perspectives on how to appeal to your audiences and find pockets of opportunity for them to engage with your brand, especially when advertising through post engagement! Think of each post as a mini magazine ad – each one is supposed to spur interest, cement brand value, grab attention and serve a specific purpose. Any updates on your page will already have an organic reach, but this is a great way to boost that audience. If it’s a post that already does well on its own – make it known!
    Clicks to Website (Direct-to-Web)
    Sin #3: “Sway Them to The Page” – Wrote a compelling blog post? Hosting giveaways in your online store? These ads are super handy for directing audiences away from Facebook and onto the ‘expansion pack’ version of your business – your website. If you’ve got more to give, don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself to one avenue. Expose different facets of the businesses through other mediums, especially if there is more detail and information that you know audiences would appreciate.
    Website Conversions
    Sin #4: “Clicks Matter and Nothing More” – Think of this as a ‘lollipop’ man – not only does he direct traffic, he gets you to cross to the other side! Track purchases, entries and other mechanics for specific items and increase the eyeballs on it. Calls to action are important in social media, there’s no harm in providing your audience direct instructions on how mechanisms can be completed – that way, you’ll be able to reach your direct goals too!
    App Instalment
    Sin #5: “All Activity Should Stay on Timeline”– Mobile apps are great for re-engagement, and if you’ve got one – flaunt it! Not all activity is limited to the Timeline, but it’s definitely the most useful place to spread the word. Mobile app ads come with a video option as well with the maximum size of 1GB which will give audiences an even better look at how it works.
    Event Response
    Sin #6: “Thy party is where the details are at” – Is your brand ready to party? When you need attendee numbers for an event, these ads are great for spreading the word and increasing reach. However, don’t take for granted that people will automatically click-through to find out more. Make the initial impact of your event ad relevant,  precise with a direct call-to-action with maybe a bit of intrigue. Proof your copy and make your invite POP!
    Offer Claims
    Sin #7: “Hear Ye, Hear Ye”
    Offer claims seem to be dwindling on News Feeds, which don’t make it the natural point of reference to gravitate towards. But there are instances where offer claims have worked to a point  (see: http://www.jonloomer.com/2013/12/08/facebook-offers-online-claims-sales-roi/) with your existing community, but it’s hard to say if impact goes beyond. With that in mind, it’s important to note that with any ad, it’s not so much about mass broadcasting, but rather, making sure that your targeting aligns with an audience that would benefit from the product/service.
    While ads are a great (and essential!) pathway to widen your social reach, consider what aligns with your business objectives. Determining your goals and purposes as specifically as possible, both long and short term, will ensure that you’re investing effectively and reaching the right people who genuinely identify with your business and offerings. Most importantly, reassess your content strategy frequently – make your audiences laugh, dream, think and start making social work for your goals!
    For more info and instructions, click onto Facebook’s Ad Product Guide here: https://www.facebook.com/help/259040324267414
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