5 Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Page

    David Thomas

    Why is A Company Page Important on LinkedIn?

    A company page is a valuable marketing tool on LinkedIn as it can be used as a central hub to keep people up to date on company news, job openings, as well as your product and service offerings. Within this platform, there are also four sections to your company’s presence on LinkedIn – Overview, Careers, Products and Services and Analytics. So there’s plenty of scope for you to be creative in showing off what your company offer. Please note that as of mid-April 2014, the Products and Services tabs will no longer be available for new company pages, however current company pages that have already loaded content into this tab will still be able to edit the content. How can you maximise your marketing potential on LinkedIn? Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be well on your way to a more successful Company Page.

    1. Create Meaningful Conversations to Build Your Network

    Once you have a company page, you can start sharing content on LinkedIn in the form of Updates. Updates can be text, links, images or video, or a combination of these. Posting regular updates establishes your organisation as an educator and enables you to feed content to your business associates, customers, and prospects. You can even make use of the targeting tool for each post which enables you to tailor your message to your audience – making it visible to either “all followers” or a “targeted audience.” By regularly posting valuable content and keeping your page up to date, prospects will see the value in “following” your page and getting these updates in their timelines. Being proactive about following other companies on LinkedIn can also be fruitful, as they may also return the favour. Your company page admins can like and respond to member comments on your page, and it is always a good idea to share relevant content from your employees, or from your customers (or potential customers). It helps establish better relationships and goodwill! It’s a good idea to make use of the Showcase Pages feature which enables you to explain what products and services you offer. This is a great tool for building long term relationships with members who want to follow specific aspects of your business.

    LinkedIn Company Page Content Ideas

    2. Integrate with Other Channels

    Your activity on LinkedIn can be integrated with your other media channels in a wide variety of ways – in both directions. A strong presence on LinkedIn can inform and enhance your other marketing activities. Here are some examples of how an integrated plan can increase the success of campaigns: >>> Your LinkedIn followers can be used to create and refine other marketing ideas – you can canvass your followers for ideas, ask them which option they prefer, and use LinkedIn to test ideas. >>> LinkedIn can provide content for your other channels, and equally, your other marketing activities can also be great content for LinkedIn. >>> Publicising the fact that you’re active on LinkedIn on other channels can increase your following  – on your website, in email signatures, and in other marketing materials.

    3. Use LinkedIn Advertising

    Considering that the demographic of LinkedIn users are key decision makers in companies, it makes sense that the ad platform is extremely powerful for any company page, even for companies that operate in a narrow niche. LinkedIn provides a range of advertising options, and with the detailed targeting available, here’s some ways you can make the most of your LinkedIn adverts: Specific Targeting: You can filter your target audience by criteria such as: job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, school, skills, company name, company size, or membership within specific LinkedIn Groups. The LinkedIn Audience Network: You can choose whether your ads appear just on LinkedIn or also on LinkedIn’s partner sites. Lead Collection: If your goal is to generate quality leads, then you’ll love this. This feature enables you to collect leads directly through your ad campaign. When you activate this feature, members who click on your ad will be taken to your landing page where they can click on a button to request being contacted by you. Each time a member clicks on the button, you’ll see their name, headline, and a link to their LinkedIn profile. You’ll then be able to contact this person directly via InMail. Members also have the option of sharing their email address with you.

    4. Post Frequently for Bonus Search Results

    Google likes things that are updated frequently, so this could help your company achieve better results through search. LinkedIn pages often perform well in company searches. Company pages are also very SEO-friendly as Google leads with 156 characters of your page’s text, so it’s a great opportunity to develop some keyword-rich sentences to lead with in your description. In other words, include words or phrases that describe your company, its expertise and industry focus.

    5. Analyze and Refine

    If you’re an administrator of a LinkedIn company page, you’ll have access to the analytics feature which will help understand and engage with followers of the page. These insights enable you to continuously analyze and refine your posts for better results. These insights include: Engagement: Look at which updates have achieved a higher engagement rate, and see if you can narrow down the possible reasons why through analyzing the type of content, the time, date and who it was targeted to. Demographics: This is a quick snapshot of who follows your company page, from seniority to industry, company size and function. Knowing this, will help you tailor the type of content you post on the page. How You Compare: Knowing how your company page compares to your competitors pages, is useful for thinking out your overall LinkedIn strategy.   These tips will initially help you get a greater understanding of the potential LinkedIn has for marketing your company, and also how to make the most of your time spent on the platform. LinkedIn is a powerful social network and shouldn’t be ignored. Awareness is key! Was this helpful? If you have any questions or insights around the platform then let us know in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.