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2020, what a year (so far)! A year to refocus and be better.

2020, what a year (so far)! A year to refocus and be better.

I also wanted to be better.

For our team, our clients, and for my family. The challenge 2020 brought was the opportunity to change tact, take a risk, and embrace uncertainty.

A refresh of the TTS brand (now formerly known as Thinktank Social) forced us to take a bold step forward and back ourselves with our service proposition.

In taking this step, I had to ensure that I brought our team along with me, otherwise the vision I’d set would crumble after a few months.

Core values play a critical role within any business, directly impacting growth and culture. Without a solid culture, sustained growth is impossible.

At TTS we are aggressively authentic, we own the process and we weave our core values into everything we do.

Courage. Heart. Imagination. Empowerment. That’s TTS!

If we are not willing to accept the pain that can sometimes come living true to values, then we would have never compiled a values statement.

Two brands that have been bold enough to trust our value of Courage, recently, are X-Golf and Netball Australia. 

Both were looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to broadcast their events to a national audience, taking into account a drastically altered landscape in the wake of COVID-19.

Combining their courage and a belief in our team, we have all grown and learned what is possible when a solid and mutually respectful partnership is formed.

Who’d have thought that a Zoom and Facebook Live event could have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable donations, eyeballs and engagement.

My closing comment: stick to your values, both personal and company. 

Understand there may be some pain in some decisions you make, but also understand that momentum is born from trusting your gut and know your conscious will always love you. 

I gain confidence from happiness, and as I look across at my team, our clients and my family, I feel incredibly confident. #focusforward

– Sam

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Growing brands through education, strategy, creativity, and partnerships. #focusforward

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